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22nd of September 2022

Malaysia Kuantan WMKD
China Tangshan SannĂühe ZBTS
Hengyang Nanyue ZGHY - Prepar3D v5 only
Hong Kong Hong Kong, Chek Lap Kok VHHH - Prepar3D v5 only
Canada Winnipeg CYWG
United States Nashville Tennessee KBNA v2 - Prepar3D v5 only
Italy Ancona, Falconara LIPY - Prepar3D v5 only
United Kingdom London City EGLC - Prepar3D v5 only
Brazil Sinop, Mato Grosso SBSI 2022 v1.1

21st of September 2022

Germany Ramstein AB ETAR - Another scenery
Bangladesh Dhaka, Shahjalal VGHS/VGZR - Another scenery II
China Bole Alashankou ZWBL
Jining Qufu ZSJG
Hengyang Nanyue ZGHY
Portugal Madeira, Funchal LPMA - Another scenery

5th of July 2022

Russian Federation Kaliningrad, Khrabrovo UMKK - Prepar3D v4 only

4th of July 2022

Mexico Santa Lucia Air Force Base, Gral. de Div. P. A. Alfredo Lezama Alvarez MMSM
Cuernavaca MMCB
Chetumal MMCM
Chichen Itza MMCT
Punta Pescadero MMPP
Queretaro MMQT
Tijuana MMTJ
Cancun MMUN - Prepar3D v5 only

23rd of June 2022

Mongolia Nalayh Air Base ZMNA - Prepar3D v4 only
Colombia Barranquilla, Ernesto Cortissoz SKBQ - Prepar3D v4 only
Trinidad & Tobago, South Caribbean Tobago TTCP - Prepar3D v4 only
Libya Giallo HLGL - Prepar3D v5 only

22nd of June 2022

Libya El Sharara Oil Field airport HLCL - Prepar3D v5 only
Ireland Dublin EIDW - Prepar3D v5 only

20th of May 2022

Taiwan Kaohsiung RCKH - Prepar3D only
Morocco Fes Saiss GMFF - Prepar3D v4 only
Cape Verde Sao Filipe GVSF - Prepar3D v4 only
United Kingdom Leeds Bradford EGNM - Prepar3D v5 only
Libya Waha 59 HLWA
United States Westover AFB KCEF, Massachusetts - Another scenery
South Korea Incheon RKSI - New version

15th of May 2022

Indonesia Pontianak, Supaido WIOO - Prepar3D v4 & v5 only

5th of May 2022

Russian Federation Mineralnye Vody URMM 2021 - Prepar3D v4 only

2nd of May 2022

United States Los Angeles KLAX - Prepar3D v5 only
Netherlands Rotterdam airport The Hague EHRD - Prepar3D v5 only
Amsterdam, Schiphol EHAM - Prepar3D v5 only - New version
Luxembourg Luxemburg, Findel ELLX - Another scenery II
Brazil Guarapari SNGA
Poland Lask Air Base EPLK
Poznan-Krzesiny AB EPKS

8th of April 2022

United States Chesapeake Regional KCPK, Virginia VA - Prepar3D v4 only

31st of March 2022

Australia Tully YTUY, Queensland - Prepar3D v4 only

30th of March 2022

Belgium Florennes AB EBFS - Prepar3D v4 & v5 only - New version
Spain La Palma GCLA - Prepar3D v4 only
Italy Treviso LIPH - Prepar3D v4 only
Iran Payam OIIP - Prepar3D only
Eyvanakei OIIB

25th of March 2022

United States Hattiesburg, Laurel Regional KPIB, Mississippi - Prepar3D v5 only
Harlingen, Valley Int'l, Texas KHRL - Prepar3D v5 only
Chad N'Djamena FTTJ - Prepar3D v5 only

23rd of March 2022

Egypt Hurghada HEGN - Another scenery II
United States Chicago, O'Hare KORD. Another scenery I - New version
Norway Troll Research station Antarctica AT27/ENOE
China Yangzhou Taizhou ZSYA
Changchun Longjia ZYCC

8th of March 2022

Belgium Florennes AB EBFS - Prepar3D v4 only

27th of January 2022

Russian Federation Voronezh UUOO - Prepar3D v4 only
Nadym USMM - Another scenery
Belgorod UUOB - Prepar3D v4 only

26th of January 2022

Sweden Umeå ESNU - Prepar3D v4 & v5 only

11th of January 2022

Honduras San Pedro Sula, Ramon Villeda Morales MHLM
Belgium Charleroi, Brussels South EBCI 2022

3rd of January 2022

Morocco Oujda Angads GMFO - Pre par3D v4 & v5 only
Nador Araui GMMW - Prepar3D v4 & v5 only
Guelmim GMAG - Prepar3D v4 & v5 only
United States Cleveland KCLE - Prepar3D v5 only

2nd of January 2022

Finland Ivalo EFIV - Prepar3D v5 only
Morocco Al Hoceima, Cherif Idrissi GMTA - Prepar3D v5 only
Agadir, Inezgane GMAA
Singapore Singapore, Changi WSSS - Prepar3D v4 only

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