Flight Simulator 2004 Hungary sceneries

Last updated: The 5th of March 2018

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14 photoreal airports plus 33 country landmarks library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=51277
flightsim.com Update 1
Andrashida LHZA
Békéscsaba LHBC library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=48429
Békéscsaba LHBC plus photoscenery flightsim.com
Bony And Per airport VFR scenery LHPR
Borgond airport flightsim.com
Budapest Ferihegy LHBP flightsim.com
www.skycolors.com/fs2004_afcad_sceneries.htm Another scenery I
Budapest Ferihegy LHBP. Another scenery II
Budapest Ferihegy LHBP. Another scenery III library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=203588
Csákvár LHCV library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=48557
Debrecen LHDC library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=50218
library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=128644 Another scenery I
Debrecen LHDC. Another scenery II

Dunakeszi LHDK photoreal library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=127782
Dunaújváros LHDV plus photoscenery flightsim.com
Fertõszentmiklós LHFM library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=50181
Gyongyos, Pipis-hegy LHGY VFR scenery

Györ-Pér LHPR library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=50998
flightsim.com Another scenery
Kalocsa LHKA library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=48556
Kalocsa LHKA VFR scenery flightsim.com
Kecskemét LHKE library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=48920
library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=49344 Another scenery
Kecskemét LHKE plus photoscenery flightsim.com
Kiskunlacháza LHKK library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=48554
flightsim.com Another scenery
Kunmadaras AFB LHKM library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=48801
Mezokovesd LHMK library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=48798
Nagykanizsa airport VFR scenery LHNK
Nyíregyháza LHNY library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=48515
Nyíregyháza LHNY plus photoscenery flightsim.com
Papa LHPA library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=49349
Papa LHPA plus photoscenery flightsim.com
Pecs-Pogany LHPP


flightsim.com Photo scenery
Sármellék, Balaton LHSM library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=50206
library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=119445 Another scenery
Sármellék, Balaton LHSM. Another scenery II

Siofok, Kiliti-Sagvar LHSK library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=82583
Small Hungarian airports. 25 small rural airports flightsim.com
Szandaszolos LHSS, Szolnok LHSN

Szeged LHUD VFR scenery flightsim.com
Szentkirályszabadja LHSA library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=49286
Szentkirályszabadja LHSA plus photoscenery flightsim.com
Vecses RC-Modell Airfield flightsim.com

Non airport sceneries

Borgond area VFR
Hungary Base scenery. Detailed hydrographic, road and rail network and the settlements, forests flightsim.com
Hungary landmarks flightsim.com
Hungary Landmarks Pack

Hungary mesh flightsim.com
Red Bull racecourse Budapest 2009 flightsim.com

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