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24th of April 2017

Germany Harrier Hides Field Operations airfields. Riege ETUH and Senne-Rang e ETUS. Addon pack for RAF Gütersloh

17th of April 2017

ra, Etimesgut AB LYAD
Turkey Ankara, Etimesgut AB LYAD

10th of April 2017

United States Idaho Backcountry Airfields for FSGenesis 19m mesh No.2. Bruce Meadows U63, Garden Valley U88, Warm Springs Creek 0U1, Stanley 2U7, Graham U45, and Smiley Creek U87

5th of April 2017

United States Idaho Backcountry Airfields for FSGenesis 19m mesh. Dixie, Big Creek, Johnson Creek, and Sulphur Creek

22nd of March 2017

Russian Federation Tobolsk USTO
Irkutsk UIII plus phototerrain of the city and surroundings. Updated version
Staroyurevo abandoned airfield
Ukraine Gayok UKBC

20th of March 2017

United States Sulphur Creek Ranch ID74 private airfield, Idaho ID

18th of March 2017

United States Dixie A05 Forest Service Airfield, Idaho ID
Turkey Kastamonu LTAL. New version

17th of March 2017

United States Johnson Creek 3U2 Forest Service Airfield. Idaho ID
Big Creek U60, Idaho ID

11th of March 2017

Canada Lucky Lake CKQ5

10th of March 2017

Italy Milano Linate LIML and Milano Bresso LIMB. Milano Linate 2017 refresh

8th of March 2017

Panama Rio Hato MPSM

7th of March 2017

Indonesia Medan, Polonia WIMM/WIMK. Another scenery

3rd of March 2017

United States Columbus, Port Columbus, Ohio KCMH. Another scenery III. Updated

28th of February 2017

United States Milwaukee, General Mitchell KMKE. Another scenery II

25th of February 2017

South Africa Pearly Beach Airfield

21st of February 2017

Italy Milano Malpensa LIMC. 2017 refresh

28th of January 2017

Alaska Ketchikan PAKT. Another scenery. Part 4 mod

27th of January 2017

Alaska Ketchikan PAKT. Another scenery. Part 4

25th of January 2017

Italy Bergamo, Orio al Serio LIME. Another scenery II

23rd of January 2017

Alaska Ketchikan PAKT. Another scenery. Part 3

17th of January 2017

United Kingdom Manchester Xtreme EGCC V2. UK2000 Free version
Philippines Baler, Aurora RPUR
Canada Winnipeg CYWG. Another scenery II
Turkey Alanya, Gazipasa LTFG. Another scenery

12th of January 2017

Alaska Ketchikan PAKT. Another scenery

11th of January 2017

Brazil Jaguaruna SBJA

7th of January 2017

January Barimunya YBRY, Western Australia

22nd of December 2016

Canada Coal Harbour CAQ3, British Columbia BC

20th of December 2016

Philippines Caticlan, Boracay Island RPVE. Another scenery

16th of December 2016

United States Flint, Bishop Int'l, Michigan KFNT. Another scenery
Jonesboro KJBR
Laramie Regional, Wyoming KLAR. Another scenery
Lexington, Blue Grass airport, Kentucky KLEX. Another scenery
Minneapolis, St. Paul Int'l KMSP, Minnesota. Another scenery
San Diego KSAN, California CA
Thief River Falls KTVF

15th of December 2016

Philippines Laguindingan RPMY, Mindanao. Another scenery

14th of December 2016

Germany Ailertchen EDGA

13th of December 2016

Canada Port McNeill CAM8, British Columbia BC
Port Hardy CAW5, British Columbia BC

6th of December 2016

United States Austin-Bergstrom KAUS. Another scenery. 2016 update

2nd of December 2016

France Rodez Marcillac LFCR

1st of December 2016

Canada Echo Bay CAA7, BC Britisch Columbia
Health Bay CAD7, BC Britisch Columbia
Minstrel Island CAX7, BC Britisch Columbia
Knight Inlet CF36, BC Britisch Columbia

28th of November 2016

United States Long Beach Daugherty Field KLBG, California
Guatemala Guatemala city

16th of November 2016

Canada Sproat Lake CAA9, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

13th of November 2016

Germany Dierdorf-Wienau EDRW

29th of October 2016

France France sceneries South-East & Centre. LFLU Valence-Chabeuil (26) avec le GAMSTAT - LF2628 ULM Fiancey (26) - LFKR St Rémy de Maurienne (73) - LFKKK Montmeilleur (38) piste en pente avec son château - LF3826 La Salette (38) pisste en pente avec le sanctuaire de ND de la Salette - LFXI-BA200 Apt-St Christol (84) - Grenoble-Jean Mermoz : un aérodrome détruit en 1967 ; avec les construuctions actuelles aux alentours - Décor : la ville de Crest (F 26400) où j'habiite - LFHL Langogne-Lespéron (07) - LFTN La Grand Combe (30) - LFHA Le Broc-Issooire (63) - LFHR Brioude-Beaumont (43) - LF4861 La Canourgue (48). Updated
France sceneries South-West. LFCH Arcachon (40) - LFBS Biscarrosse (40) - LFCZ Mimizan Landes (40) - LF4021 Soustons des Landes (40) - LFIL Rion des Landes (40) - LFDN Rochefort-St Agnant (17) - LFBT Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées (65). Updated
France sceneries North-West. LFAO Bagnoles de l'Orne (61) - LFRG Deauville-St Gatien (14) - LFAL La Flèche (72) - LFOV Laval (53) - LFOM Lessay (550) - LFAX Mortagne(61) - LFED Pontivy (56) - LFRA notre Dame des Landes. Updated

28th of October 2016

Bolivia Sucre, Alcantari SLAL

19th of October 2016

Algeria Adrar DAUA

12th of October 2016

Alaska Brevig Mission KTS. Alaska South Slope 11
Port Clarence KPC, Alaska South Slope 10
Canada Centralia, James T. Field Memorial CYCE, Ontario

11th of October 2016

Alaska Teller K54, Alaska South Slope 12

8th of October 2016

United States Lafayette regional KLFT, Louisiana. Another scenery

1st of October 2016

Oman Muscat OOMS. Another scenery

20th of September 2016

Russian Federation Salekhard USDD. Another scenery
Kyrgyzstan Tamchy, Issyk-Kul UCFL
Belarus Minsk-2 UMMS 2014 - version 0.8 beta

13th of September 2016

Philippines Tagbilaran, Bohol RPVT. Another scenery

9th of September 2016

Alaska Wales PAIW, Alaska South Slope 9
United States Eagle Country / Vail Valley KEGE, Colorado. Another scenery

7th of September 2016

Alaska Shishmaref PASH, Alaska South Slope 8

5th of September 2016

Alaska Kobuk PAOB, Alaska South Slope 7
Shungnak PAGH, Alaska South Slope 6

31st of August 2016

Alaska Ambler PAFM, Alaska South Slope 5

30th of August 2016

Alaska Nome PAOM

19th of August 2016

Philippines Kalibo RPVK

15th of August 2016

Canada Windsor CYQG, Ontario

13th of August 2016

United States Tyndall AFB KPAM, Florida

4th of August 2016

Spain Balearic Islands Photo Scenery

26th of July 2016

Alaska Selawik PASK, Alaska South Slope 4
Malaysia Kota Bharu WMKC

24th of July 2016

United States Mesa Del Rey KKIC, California
Alaska Noorvik ORV, Alaska South Slope 2
Noatak PAWN, Alaska South Slope 1
Kotzebue PAOT
Argentina Ushuaia SAWO 1962

22nd of July 2016

Alaska Kiana PAIK, Alaska South Slope 3

21st of July 2016

Comoros Islands Moroni FMCH. Another scenery

20th of July 2016

United States Panama City, Florida KECP. Updated

19th of July 2016

United States Eglin AFB, Okaloosa County, Florida KVPS

2nd of July 2016

Morocco Oujda, Angads GMFO
Spain Muchamiel LEMU, Alicante. Update

29th of June 2016

Alaska Kivalina KVL, Alaska North Slope 10

24th of June 2016

Alaska Point Hope PAPO, Alaska North Slope 9

21st of June 2016

Alaska Barter Island PABA, Alaska North Slope 8
Bullen Point 8AK7, Alaska North Slope 7

17th of June 2016

Serbia Belgrade LYBE 4.0 - SkyHigh simulations payware now freeware
Novi Sad LYNS 2009 - SkyHigh simulations
Montenegro Tivat LYTV 2010 - SkyHigh simulations payware now freeware
Alaska Oliktok POLI, Alaska North Slope 6

10th of June 2016

Czech Republic Karlovy Vary LKKV. Another scenery II

6th of June 2016

Japan Okinawa Island North City Scenery

4th of June 2016

Alaska Nuiqsut PAQT, Alaska North Slope 5

2nd of June 2016

Alaska Lonely Air Force Station AK71, Alaska North Slope 4

1st of June 2016

Alaska Atqasuk PATQ, Alaska North Slope 3

31st of May 2016

Brazil Recife SBRF 1962
Azerbaijan Baku, Heydar Aliyev UBBB 2017. Fully functional commercial demo from Drzewiecki Design

26th of May 2016

Nepal Pokhara Lake - Flatten
Canada Fort McMurray CYMM, Alberta. Another scenery

24th of May 2016

World High quality snow and grass textures from Drzewiecki Design
Ascension, Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha, British Overseas Territory of St. Helena FHSH, Ascension Island FHAW and Tristan da Cunha FHTC. Plus extensive scenery of these islands. Update

18th of May 2016

Russian Federation Samara, Kurumoch UWWW. Another scenery
Sabetta USDA
United States Lincoln Mun KLNK, Nebraska

16th of May 2016

Spain Muchamiel LEMU, Alicante
Alaska North Shore Alaska. Cape Lisburne PALU and Point Lay PPIZ
Barrow PABR
United States Washington National KDCA 1960

14th of May 2016

Ascension, Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha, British Overseas Territory of St. Helena FHSH

6th of May 2016

Ascension, Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha, British Overseas Territory of St. Helena FHSH, Ascension Island FHAW and Tristan da Cunha FHTC. Plus extensive scenery of these islands

5th of May 2016

Philippines Iloilo RPVI. Update

3rd of May 2016

United States Spokane KGEG, Washington. Another scenery II

26th of April 2016

Russian Federation Noyabrsk USRO. Another scenery. New version
Roschino USTR. New version
Ukraine Chernobyl HD2M and 30km exclusive zone
Chaika airfield UKKJ, near Kiev

23rd of April 2016

Armenia Goris Shinuhayr UGEG
Meghri UGMG

21st of April 2016

United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi OMAA. Another scenery. Update/fixes
Brazil Palmas SBPJ/SBPM. Another scenery

19th of April 2016

Armenia Kapan UGKP

18th of April 2016

China Guangdong Pearl River Delta Landclass

16th of April 2016

United States College Park KCGS, Maryland MD

15th of April 2016

Canada Waterloo, Kitchener CYKF, Ontario
Congo, Democratic Republic of Kinshasa, N'Djili FZAA. Another scenery. New version

12th of April 2016

Moldova Chisinau LUKK 2016. Fully functional commercial demo from Drzewiecki Design

8th of April 2016

World Full Environment 9 v1.3. Sky textures, environment reflections, wave effects and more

4th of April 2016

Philippines Iloilo RPVI
Algeria Zenata, Messali El Hadj DAON

2nd of April 2016

Philippines Manila, Ninoy Aquino RPLL. Another scenery

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